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Hasura Backend Plus can send transactional emails based that are normally used for authentication.

EMAILS_ENABLED must be true for emails to work.

Activate Account#

The Activate Account email is sent to newly registered users if AUTO_ACTIVATE_NEW_USERS is false.

Folder: /custom/emails/activate-account/

Change Email#

The Change Email email is sent to a user requesting to change email if VERIFY_EMAILS is true.

Folder: /custom/emails/change-email/

Lost Password#

The Lost Password email is sent to a user requesting to set a new password if LOST_PASSWORD_ENABLED is true.

Folder: /custom/emails/lost-password/

Magic Link#

The Magic Link email is sent to a user who register or login using the Magic Link login method if MAGIC_LINK_ENABLED is true.

Folder: /custom/emails/magic-link/

Notify Email Change#

The Notify Email Change email is sent if a user change their email if NOTIFY_EMAIL_CHANGE is true.

Folder: /custom/emails/notify-email-change/

SMTP Settings#

Sett all SMTP settings via environment variables.